The Not-So-Secret Society of Jewish Food Professionals

The Not-So-Secret Society of Jewish Food Professionals

The Not-So-Secret Society of Jewish Food ProfessionalsThe Not-So-Secret Society of Jewish Food ProfessionalsThe Not-So-Secret Society of Jewish Food Professionals



“I owe my beloved job of three years to a connection I made via The Illuminoshi. I’m forever grateful to this group for rallying around me as a brand new member who had recently experienced an unexpected job loss and was on the hunt. I could never have imagined where that chance introduction would take me, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t happened.” 

-- Emilie Zanger, Communications & Engagement Manager, Adobe Culinary Team

“I’m an Israeli immigrant, new to the food industry and I mostly work alone. Belonging to The Illuminoshi feels like an anchor and a home to me. I’ve made innumerable connections and collaborations, attended social events and met people whom I can now call my mentors. I think that without the Illuminoshi I would be a few steps behind in my venture.” 

-- Aliza Grayevsky Somekh, Chef/Owner, Bishulim SF

“I am an organic absinthe producer in Oakland. When I first launched my business, Alix invited me to join The Illuminoshi. I have been introduced to so many great people in my industry that have purchased my product for their restaurants and homes. Several have even turned up to support me at in-store tasting events. Alix has always been very supportive, sharing my wins with the group and introducing me to potential customers. Alix has created a really wonderful, professional community.” -- Absinthia Vermut, Founder/Owner of Absinthia

"Moving to a new place and starting a new business, sometimes all you need is the first connection to get things started. I have much gratitude to Alix, the founder and the soul of Illuminoshi. Her willingness to help, her kind heart and her professionalism is not there only for the first connection. Her dedication for her greater goal, to create a professional community and to build ongoing partnerships, happens while still helping Illuminoshi group members, and it never ends with the first connection. Thank you, Alix." -- Inon Tzadok, Founder/Owner of SHUK SHUKA. 

“I am so very grateful for our Illuminoshi group. As a newbie to the food business world, and doubly so because my business is very Jewish, the networking and introductions have been completely invaluable. And the events are also quite fun!” -- Emily Winston, owner, Boichik Bagels


“The Illuminoshi was a critical resource for me when opening my second my sports bar. Our chef had to bail on our project just two weeks prior to our opening and we were in a serious jam. I reached out to the Illuminoshi and within 48 hours we found a Jewish chef who was able to come on board and help see us through our opening before we were able find a permanent replacement. Without a doubt, we would not have been able to pull it off without Alix and The Illuminoshi.” -- Ezra Berman, Managing Member of The Athletic Club, Oakland and Lord George

"I just attended my first event. I met so many great people and had a wonderful time. This is a great group and I’m grateful for all the work you have done! I look forward to the next time." 

-- Lori Frank, Personal Chef & Consultant